Differences between Regular and Fast Track Batch Videos for CA Final DT and IDT

   Particulars Regular Batch Fast Track Batch
1 Syllabus Coverage 100% All Important Chapters
2 Problems covered Concept based as well as Complex Problems covered Concept based Problems covered
3 No of Problems 550 plus 250 plus
4 No of Books 

                  3 (2 Class Notes and 1 Practice Book)

                              3  (2 Class Notes and 1 Practice Book)

5 Circulars All Circulars discussed Important Circulars discussed
6 Who should opt for it? Students who are doing their classes for the first time or those who want to study the syllabus in-depth Students who have already studied the subjects but want to refresh the syllabus and want to save time as well
7 Duration

                 DT – 204 Hours   IDT – 171 Hours

                                    DT – 130 Hours     IDT – 113 Hours

8 Number of days required to study

                2 months each   (Daily 3-3.5 hours)

                                     1 month each    (Daily 4 hours)

9 Number of Views 2 2
10 No. of times a Video can be opened and closed 50 50
11 Format Pendrive / Google Drive Pendrive / Google Drive